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I am happy to say we got our hands on the last copies of the long OUT OF PRINT split 7" between TEAR IT UP and DOWN IN FLAMES. We got this in on 2 different colors (clear and red) and each one has a different limited cover. Our friend at Die Hardcore Records (rip) found these in his closet and we were lucky enough to get our hands on them, I hope some one else is as pumped as I am to see this record again.

On that note if you go to our "Exclusive" Section you will see some cool limited and out of print stuff like
Hammer Bros "Vitality" LP (white vinyl)
Hammer Bros "Vitality" LP (Pre Order edition)
Concrete Facelift "Uuaagghh" 7" (several different versions)
Youth of Togay / Fruit Punch 'Split" 7in
For the Worse "Non Compos" 7in (pink vinyl)
Invade / In Times of War "Split" 7in (several different colors)
One Win Choice / Heartfelt Discord "Split" LP (red or black vinyl)
Ratbyte "Self Titled" 7in (several versions available)
Concrete Facelift / Ratbyte "Split" 7in
Ss Kaliert "Self Titled" 7in

Also we are almost sold out of all the INCENDIARY stuff we had gotten our hands on (the first 7" and LP on black or white vinyl) and the COMPOUND demo CS as well (features guest vocals by Incendiary). New COMPOUND 7" coming out on STATE OF MIND soon!

Some stuff we added this week
Imadethismistake "Different Ghosts" CS
All Out War "Hymns os the Apocalypse" 7in (several colors in stock)
Anti Bodies "Are Here" 7in (blue vinyl)
Convulsion "The Reaper's Gift" 7in
Dead Radical / Republicorpse "Split" 7in
Deathrats "deathrats" 7in (yellow vinyl)
Deep Shit "Creepin' While you Sleepin'" 7in
Executioner "Hellbound" 7in
Fast Death "Fast Death" 7in
Flat Out "Westbay Fastcore" 7in
Guns n' Rosa Parks "Anti Freeze" 7in
Iron Chic "Shitty Rambo" 7in (red vinyl)
Lord Green "higher Chain God" 7in (color vinyl)
Murder Suicide Pact "Do it or Don't" 7in
Now Denial "Brothers Not Fighting" 7in
Phycho "Phycho" 5" (w/ buzz saw shape vinyl)
Reignition "How Far are you Willing to Push This" 7in (clear vinyl)
Revilers "Stand or Fall" 7in
Sex Prisoner "Self Titled" 7in (brown vinyl)
Tear it Up / Down in Flames "Split" 7in (2 different limited colors)
Thieves "Positive Vibrations" 7in (green vinyl)
Unforgiven "Last of the Few" 7in (color)

The Wrong Side "Dump Truck Demo" 7in
With Honor "Self Titled" 7in (Color Vinyl)
Calendars" LP (Silk screened clear vinyl)
Drowning with our Anchors / Maladie "Split" 10"
For the Worse "Blood, Guts, Going Nuts" LP
I Call Fives "Bad Advice" LP (silk screened vinyl, available on pink or blue)
Iron Chic "Not Like This" LP
Jesuscentric "jesuscentric" LP w digi
Living Hell "Oblivion" LP (Color Vinyl)
Now Denial "Power to the Mountain" LP w/ CD
Run With the Haunted "Destroy all" LP (color vinyl)
Sister Kisser "Vipers" LP
Panzerbastard "2006-2009" CD
Saint Jude "Always Hard, the first recordings" CD
V/A Bridge 9 Singles Vol 2 CD (Right Brigade,Death Threat)

The ANCHOR pre order will be ending real soon so TRIAL and VERSE fans check them out. We only have a few left of the limited pre order edition (limited to 48 w/ silk screened cover)


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