STATE OF MIND Distro News(Gray Ghost,TIU,Deadhead,Capsule)

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STATE OF MIND Distro News(Gray Ghost,TIU,Deadhead,Capsule)

Post  STATE OF MIND on Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:08 am

Here is what we added to the distro this week. I think I will make this a ongoing thread. We get new stuff in every week!

3 things to remember about us
1-We ship within a day or 2
2-We have cheap flat rate shipping prices
3-You will get free stuff with every order and I don’t mean a sticker and a flyer. You could get cd, vinyl, merch, poster, stickers, pins.

ANCHOR “The Singles Collected” LP w/ digi PRE ORDER is shipping this week. We have a couple of the pre order version (limited to 48 with silk screened cover) left if anyone wants to jump on it. ANCHOR had a great U.S. tour recently and we have a few (very few) of the TOUR EDITION. The tour edition was limited to 60 and has very different art and packaging then the regular or pre order version.

So we got in the last copies of the TEAR IT UP / DOWN IN FLAMES split 7” that had been out of print for years. We sold out of the red and have it on clear but I also didn’t realize at first we have a couple on limited GOLD VINYL. These will go fast just like the others did especially with TIU doing reunion shows. If you never got a chance to see them you really need to go!
We are giving Copper Lung Records a hand and we now have the last copies of the GRAY GHOST 10” and GRAVE MAKER 7” they released (both on color vinyl). I don’t think Copper Lung is going to be putting out records any time soon so there is a chance this stuff won’t get repressed. I would pick this up before it becomes a over priced eBay item.

I would especially also take note of the DEADHEAD 10” and Robotic Empire vinyl.

After the Fall “Collar City” 7in
Agosto Espias “Rolling Cinder” 7in
Ashers “Cold Dark Place” 7in
Convulsions “The reaper’s Gift” 7in
Damages “Love’s Labor” 7in
DCOI “Self Titled” 7in
Deal With it / New Mortality “Split” 7in
Death is Not Glamorous “Undercurrents” 7in
Empty Grave “The Dark” 7in
Grave Maker “Demolition” 7in (Color Vinyl)
Hammer Bros “Sleep Forever” 7in (2 different colors in stock)
Late rudey catht Wars “Every Saturday rudey catht” 7in (w/ digi 2 diff colors)
Road Rage “Trust No One” 7in
Roam Alone “Retribution” 7in
Stereo State, The “Caffeine, Beer, & Quoting Movies” 7in (color vinyl)
Tear it Up / Down in Flames “Split” 7in (color vinyl, last copies around just in GOLD and CLEAR)
Troublemaker “Sons of no One” 7in (blue vinyl)

Anchor “The Singles Collected” LP w/ digi (tour edition)
Bleeding Kansas / Cathedrals “Split” LP
Buckshot Facelift “Anchors of the Armless Gods” LP (etched vinyl, 2 different colors in stock)
Calculators “These Roots Grow Deep” LP (limited version)
Cannabis Corpse “Tube of the Resinated” LP (Color Vinyl)
Capsule “Tape + Demo + Tour + More” LP (Color Vinyl)
Dead Head “Self Titled” 10in
Fast plant / In Danger of Dead “Split” LP
Gray Ghost “Self Titled” 10in (Green Vinyl)
Hammer Bros “The Kids are Dead” LP
Last Lights “No Past, No Present, No Future” LP (white w splatter)
Minus Tide, The / Turn Around Norman “Split” LP
Nothing but Enemies “Creepy Crawl” LP (Color Vinyl)
Pure Hell “Noise Addiction” LP
Run with the Hunted “Destroy all Calendars” LP (color vinyl)
Thirsty! “Still Alive” 10in
Tommy & the Terrors “13 the Hard Way” LP
V/A Bostons Infested LP (For the Worse,Toxic Narcotic)
Word for Word “Keepsake” LP (green vinyl)
Young Widows “Live” LP (180gram color vinyl)

Last update we added stuff by
Iron Chic, Now Denial, Reignition, Psycho, Unforgiven, The Wrong Side, Thieves, Lord Green, Fast Death, Deep Shit, Flat Out, Murder Suicide Pact, Revilers, Sex Prisoner, Deathrats, Dead Radical, Republicorpse, With Honor, Guns N Rosa Parks, Calendars, Drowning with Anchors, For the Worse, I call Fives, Sainte Jude, Living Hell, Jesuscentric, Sister Kisser, All Out War, Anti Bodies, Executioner, The Fake Boys, and more.

We really do appreciate your support, not just saying that




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