huge DISTRO SALE just added over 100 titles! Cheap shipping

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huge DISTRO SALE just added over 100 titles! Cheap shipping Empty huge DISTRO SALE just added over 100 titles! Cheap shipping

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Three things to remember about us
1-We ship within a day or 2
2-We have cheap flat rate shipping prices
3-You will get free stuff with every order and I don’t mean a sticker and a flyer. You could get cd, vinyl, merch, poster, stickers, pins. Also if you have ordered from us before list what free stuff you got last time in the comments box and I will make sure you don’t get doubles.

So we have been going over our inventory and found many cds that never made it to be listed on the web store and had been only being sold at shows in our show distro. So we added about 100 this week and the 25% sale is on. We have hundreds of cds on sale most go for in between $3 and $7, none over $10. I know cds aren’t that popular anymore but there is some real gems that just got added by CRAWLSPACE, A DAYS REFRAIN, BAD TRIP, DESTRO, BLACK FRIDAY 29, ARKANGEL, J CHURCH, IRE, FOR ALL ITS WORTH, NEIL PERRY, OXYMORON, ONE KING DOWN, SHOCKWAVE, IRE, KILL YOUR IDOLS and more.

New STATE OF MIND STICKERS just came in, 2 different styles. So if you order anything expect to get a few. If you want a whole bunch to sticker up places for us just mention it in the comments box. We don’t have a real street team but would love any help we can get.

SOLDIERS has some shows up and down the north east coast these next couple months with THIS IS HELL and INCENDIARY. RUST BELT LIGHTS is out on a full tour now. Also REVIVER and COMPOUND have some local shows coming up. You can see them all on our tour dates page.

We now have all the DEADHEAD (¾ of Touche Amore) records in stock. Also just got in the new INCEDIARY / SUBURBAN SCUM split 7 inch in stock. Very excited about that, for those who don’t know INCENDIARY features members of SOLDIERS who have a upcoming release on STATE OF MIND., you can stream or download a track off their upcoming record “Hit the bricks” here

HER BREATH ON GLASS (members of Saddest Landscape) split 10 inch we just got in is a Import and I really have not seen it many places in the U.S., we were not able to get many in so I expect this will go out of stock fast. V/A Buffalo Brutality 7” comp is out and filled with brutal music by AVULSION, RESIST CONTROL, ORDINARY MEN AND WOMEN, + more. EMPLOYER EMPLOYEE discography LP is out now and limited to 300 ever. We were lucky enough to get a handful of them too. Most of the members of EE were also in under rated band called SEA OF THOUSAND (released a record with us, State of Mind). If you order that I will be sure to toss in a copy of the SEA OF THOUSAND CD free.


Canyons / Mons Wolff “Split” 7in (Green Vinyl w/ Digi)
Deadhead “A State of Punk” 7in (Green Vinyl w/ Digi)
Deadhead / Cathedrals “Split” 7in (Blue Vinyl w/ Digi)
Ergs, The “Thrash Compactor” 7in
Government Warning “No Way Out” 7in
Incendiary / Suburban Scum “Split” 7in (Clear Vinyl w/ Digi)
Iron Boots “2004 Demo” 7in
Southside Stranglers “Too Much TV” 7in
V/A Buffalo Brutality Comp 7in
Xerxes “Twins” 7in (Gray Vinyl w/ Digi)


Canyons / Tigon / Foreign Theaters “Can’t Have” (3 way split) LP
Former Thieves “The Great and the Alleged Great” LP (Color Vinyl w/ Digi)
Employer Employee “Discography” LP
Gas Chamber “Self Titled” LP
Her Breath on Glass / Khere “Split” 10in
I Call Fives “Bad Advice” LP (Silk Screened, 2 diff colors)
Running For Cover “Dark Well” LP
V/A Sound Cartography “Vol 1” LP (limited 300,Iron Lung)
Torche “Torche” LP (Swamp Color Vinyl)


A Day in Black and White “My Heroes all” CD
Ambition, The “A Legacy of Ruin” CD
And Believe “Moment Never Fade” CD
Arkangel “Dead Man Walking” CD
Arsons, The “Bridges Down” CD (members of Token Entry,Warzone)
Arsons, The “Too True to be Cool” CD
Bad Trip “Fear and Loathing” CD
Banner, The “Murder Mix Tape” CD
Banner, The / Dead Wrong “Split” CD
Black Friday 29 “The Pursuit of Happiness” CD
Black Hand, The “War Monger” CD
Blue Skies Burning “Last Leg of My First Race” CD
Break In, The “Unbowed” CD
By My Will “Bloody knuckles” CD
Campaign “Blood for Nashville” CD
Carry On “A Life Less Plagued” CD
Carry On “It’s All our Blood” CD
Celebrity “Sle.ep” CD
Crawlspace “Enter the Realm of Chaos” CD
Curse, The “Self Titled” CD (x Paint it Black)
Crystral Lake / Risen / Unboy “3 Way Split” CD
Deadwalk!, The “Re-animation” CD
Death of Marat “All Eyes Open” CD
Destro “The Accuracy of Broken” CD
Distance, The “Your Closest Enemies” CD
Down and Outs “Boys From the Blackstuff” CD
Element 101 “Stereo Girl” CD
Endpoint “Idoits” CD
Far From Breaking “The Identity” CD
Fast Motion “Sailing to Nowhere” CD
Final Plan, The “Self Titled” CD (out of print)
Fiya “Better Days” CD
For All it’s Worth “The Road Goes ever on” CD
F**k on the Beach “Endless Summer” CD
Funeral, The “Ruled by None” CD
Gasoline “Please” CD
Gateway District, The “Some Days you Get” CD
Glasseater “7 Years bad Luck” CD
Go it Alone “Vancouver Gold” CD
Hell child “Bare Skin” CD
Hidden Chors, The “As the Captain” CD
Hold X True “Invincible” CD
Hot Cross “A New Set of Lungs” CD
Hunchback “Ugly on the Outside” CD
I am Alaska “ A day in a Life” CD
In Dying Days “After the Fire” CD
Ire “I Discern an Overtone” CD
J Church “Travels in Hyper Reality” CD
JR Ewing “The Perfect Drama” CD
Keepsake “The End of Sound” CD
Kill Your Idols “Live at CBGB’s” CD
Lights Out “overload” CD
Lions of Judah “Universal Peace” CD
Lubricated Goat “Great Old Ones” CD
Mara’ Akate “Selt Titled” CD
Morning Again “Hand of Hope” CD
Neil Perry / A Days Refrain “Split” CD
Never Looking Back “Fragile Hearts” CD
New Day Rising “We Cannot Know” CD
No Trigger “Extinction in Stereo” CD
One King Down / Spirit of Youth “Split” CD
Otophobia “Malignant” CD
Overthhhrow / What Happen’s Next “Split” CD
Oxymoron “Feed the Breed” CD
Paria “Misanthropos” CD
Phone Trio “Brickwall” CD
Planes Mistaken for Stars “Spearheading the Sin Movement” CD
Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower “Love in the Fascist Brothel CD
Rufio “Self Titled” CD
Shockwave “Live in Poland” CD
Some Kind of Hate “Self Titled” CD
Some Girls “All My Friends are Going Death” CD
Structure of Lies “Abacus” CD
Survivors, The “Death Cures Addiction” CD
Siani Beach “Wolves in Sheeps Clothing” CD
Signs of Hope “First and Foremost” CD
Signs of Hope “Choices Made” CD
Stand to Reason “Swords in to” CD
Time in Malta “Alone with the” CD
Trust in Few “Shit List” CD
Up the Fury “Behind Every Mind” CD
View Between, The “Quiet Scene” CD

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