New Recs: COMPOUND,reviver,SOLDIERS,ANCHOR,+ Distro stuff

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New Recs: COMPOUND,reviver,SOLDIERS,ANCHOR,+ Distro stuff Empty New Recs: COMPOUND,reviver,SOLDIERS,ANCHOR,+ Distro stuff

Post  STATE OF MIND on Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:35 pm

Check out some of our newest releases!!!

New Recs: COMPOUND,reviver,SOLDIERS,ANCHOR,+ Distro stuff Compound%20for%20store
COMPOUND the inaugural demo 7 inch w/ digi
Long Island, NY Straight Edge hardcore with a 80's sound that will that brings you back to the days of Judge and Warzone. Also for fans of Insted / Dump Truck / Breakdown / NYHC
Features guest vocals by Brendan of INCENDIARY.

This record is strictly limited to this one pressing only and has a diy silk screened b side. This will not be repressed and includes a digital download coupon of the whole record.
* 2 different versions available

New Recs: COMPOUND,reviver,SOLDIERS,ANCHOR,+ Distro stuff SOLDIERS1
SOLDIERS hit the bricks 7 inch w/ digi
SOLDIERS is back and more fierce than ever with their new 5 song ep “Hit the Bricks” 7” (with download) Unrelenting and unapologetic hardcore from Long Island stalwarts. Once again SOLDIERS have drawn the line in the sand.
Features key members of THIS IS HELL and INCENDIARY.
*Pre Order Version still available
*Also available on 2 other limited colors

New Recs: COMPOUND,reviver,SOLDIERS,ANCHOR,+ Distro stuff Reviver%20covre%20for%20site
REVIVER potential wasteland 7 inch w/ digi or CD
Salt Lake City, UT's own Reviver follow up their now out-of-print debut full-length with a 5 track seven inch that includes a 7 song digital download coupon.

Melodic hardcore with a dark, experimental side in the same vein as Modern Life Is War, American Nightmare, and Refused. The track "Undefined" features guest vocals by Derek of DEFEATER.
*Pre Order Version still available
*Also available on 2 other limited colors

New Recs: COMPOUND,reviver,SOLDIERS,ANCHOR,+ Distro stuff Anchor1
ANCHOR the singles collected LP w/ digi
From the ashes of Damage Control (Livewire Rec) and Set My Path comes ANCHOR! Hailing from Sweden, ANCHOR plays a heavy and aggressive blend of 90’s style metal / hardcore that brings to mind bands like TRIAL and REFUSED. ANCHOR can be seen on tour almost anywhere in the world, one of the hardest working bands in hardcore today. This record compiles 11 songs of passionate, straight edge, heart filled hardcore. Also includes a free digital download coupon.
*Available on 3 different colors

New Recs: COMPOUND,reviver,SOLDIERS,ANCHOR,+ Distro stuff Dead%20hearts%20death%20in%20small%20cover%20seven%20inch
DEAD HEARTS a death in the family 7 inch w/ digi
In September of 2008, DEAD HEARTS played their last show. At that show they released a portion of their last recording session as “A Death in the Family” ep. This 3 song cdep was pressed only once, limited to 100 copies and sold out at that show. Later they went back and finished up one last track to release this, the last 4 recorded songs by DEAD HEARTS.

This four song 7” comes with 11 track digital download that includes “All Good Things Must End”(live @ cbgb‘s) & “A Death in the Family”.
Art work by Matt Warfield (ANOTHER BREATH “The God Complex”).
*3 different limited colors available

New Recs: COMPOUND,reviver,SOLDIERS,ANCHOR,+ Distro stuff DECADES%20seven%20inch%20cover
DECADES shelter from the swarm 7 inch
"Fast on the heels of their debut release "Numbered", DECADES are back with a new offering. "Shelter From The Swarm" plays out like the diary of a madman on the brink, careening between moral conviction and blatant disregard. Staying true to the melodic intensity they have come to be known for, DECADES continue to push the limits with a new found reckless abandon that is as gritty and raw as it is honest and direct. For fans of THE SUICIDE FILE, PANIC, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, & THE HOPE CONSPIRACY.
*Available on 3 different limited colors

New Recs: COMPOUND,reviver,SOLDIERS,ANCHOR,+ Distro stuff This%20is%20hell
THIS IS HELL this is hell 12" / CD
This is were they started, 6 songs recorded at Atomic Studio. Includes a sick 108 cover with guest vocals by Darrell (Glassjaw).

Be sure to check out our DISTRO. We stock lots of COLOR VINYL, IMPORTS, and OUT OF PRINT RECORDS. We have been doing this for some time now so we have new stuff and some older hard to find gems. We stock all kinds of good stuff, very diverse.
*Cheap flat rate shipping (for USA customers)
*Over 800 titles and growing

This week we got in mostly a bunch of IMPORT’s and Color Vinyl. I recommend paying some attention to the releases by Tideland, Ancient Sky, Her Breath on Glass, Together (great packaging), Most Precious Blood, Incendiary, Rust Belt Lights, I Call Fives, and Iron Rain. Oh yeah and check out THE SMASHROOMS they are some great dudes and are pushing political and vegan views hard.

The $1 CD this month is LEGS UP / MY WAR split. Contains 12 tracks for fans of Sex Positions and American Nightmare. Long Island hardcore vs. Richmond hardcore.
Also I will toss in a 11 x 17 inch poster for the release.

INVADE / IN TIMES OF WAR “Split” 7” w/ Bonus CD (available on several colors) is only $2
2 Long island Hardcore bands with solid political views fueled by a strong diy ethic and a love for what they do and who they play for rather than just another soundtrack to a mosh pit. Sounds like Integrity, Indecision, 108, Celebrity Murders, & Tragedy.

DECADES shirt is 50% off (sizes S,M,L,XL)

Also ALL CD’S ARE 25% OFF!!!! (making every cd under $10)

7 inche’s
Birds in a Row "Rise of the Phoenix" 7 inch (Clear Vinyl)
Blade "Lambs to the Slaughter" 7 Inch (Import)
Damages “Love’s Labor” 7 inch (available on all 3 colors)
Die Out! "Iteration" 7 inch (Import)
Forever Young “The Chance” 7 inch (Import, Orange Vinyl + Digi)
Iron Rain "Silent Sins" 7 inch (3 Colors Available)
Kingford Run, The "Human Traffic" 7 inch (Includes Digital)
Khere / Antithesis "Split" 7 inch (Import)
Overlooked “Nothing is Sacred” 7 inch
Pizza "Self Titled" 7 inch + CD (Import, Color Vinyl)
Reno “Reno” 7 inch (White Vinyl, Import)
Rust Belt Lights / I Call Fives "Split" 7 inch (w/ Digi, 2 Colors in Stock)
Smashrooms, The “Questions” 7 inch (Import, White Vinyl)
Together “The Odyssey” 2 x 7” w/ cd (Limited Import, Color Vinyl)
Way Down "Ghost Please Die" 7 inch (White Vinyl, Import)
Way Down / Lasting Traces “Split” 7 inch w/ CD (Import)

LP’S / 10 Inche’s
A Flower Collapsed “Brown Recluse” 10 inch (Import)
Adobe Homes “Rista” 10 Inch (Red Vinyl)
Ancient Sky “Self Titled” LP (2 Colors in Stock)
Beau Navire / Carrion Spring / Te Lloraria Un Puto Rio / The Discord of a Forgotten Sketch "4 way split" 8 inch (Limited to 500 and on Clear Vinyl)
Catalyst, The “Swallow Your Teeth” LP (Purple Vinyl Limited to 300, Import)
Cease Upon the Capitol “Self Titled #2” LP (Import)
Deers / Animal Lover / Pansori / Color Chromatic "5 Way Split" LP
Dying in Motion / Years Passing / S-Explode / Fair Root "4 Way Split" LP
Her Breath on Glass / Khere “Split” 10 inch (Import)
Her Breath on Glass “What We Left Behind” LP (Color Vinyl)
Magdalene "Sail with the Tide" LP (Import)
Mall’d to Death “Can’t Make a Living” LP (2 Colors in Stock)
Most Precious Blood “Merciless” LP (White Vinyl)
No Guts No Glory "Hidden in the Light" LP (Blue Vinyl Import)
Plague Mass "Union of Egoists" LP (Color Vinyl, Import)
Pyramids / Violent Breakfast “Split” 10 inch
Tideland “Asleep in the Graveyard” LP (2 Colors in Stock)
Violent Breakfast "Nient' Altro Che Tempo" LP
Xaros "Fat & Furious" LP (Red Color Vinyl, Import)

Ancient Sky “Self Titled” CD
Catalyst, The “Swallow Your Teeth” CD
Celeste "Nihiliste(s)" CD
Cold World "Dedicated to the babies that Came Feet First" CD
Daggers "Self Titled" CD
Nine Eleven “Use your Disillusion” CD (Import)
Pressure "We're all to Blame" CD (Import)
Reno "The Year of Love" CD (Import)
Residuals “Grief” CD
Rise from Agony "Shadows and Ghosts" CD (Import)
Traces of You "The Last Triumph" CD (Import)

Check out some info on some of our hot new distro stuff
Ancient Sky “Self Titled” CD / LP (2 Colors in Stock)
This is the first official release for Brooklyn-based, Virginia-natives ANCIENT SKY. Consisting of two pairs of close childhood friends with intertwining musical pasts, the group features current and former members of DARKEST HOUR, CITY OF CATERPILLAR, MAJORITY RULE, GHASTLY CITY SLEEP, VERSE EN COMA and LITTLE GOLD, though they tread very different waters with ANCIENT SKY.

Her Breath on Glass / Khere “Split” 10 inch (Import)
HER BREATH ON GLASS hail from the USA, featuring ex-members of THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE and THE LAST FORTY SECONDS. Just guitar and drums, but still frantic and emotional emo punk. KHERE are from Italy, playing screamo punk with chaotic parts... yet still melodic. Joined together on this nice split in the name of a newborn friendship.

Incendiary / Unrestrained “Split” 7 inch ( 2 Colors in stock + Digi)
This split 7" brings together two heavyweights of modern hardcore. Long Island, NY's Incendiary follow up their 7", LP, and split 7" with Suburban Scum with two brand new songs of powerful, political hardcore, mixing together elements of many '90s hardcore icons such as Indecision and Turmoil and 108 but adding a modern twist. Portland, OR's Unrestrained follow up their 7" and split 7" with Rebarker with two emotionally soaked songs showing their love for such '90s bands as Threadbare and Harvest. 7" includes digital download.

Iron Rain "Silent Sins" 7 inch (3 Colors Available)
Derived from the concrete slabs of Chicago, IL, Iron Rain formed in 2009 as a musical outlet for aggressive songs and thoughtful dissection of American culture. Iron Rain is energetic and interesting, heavy while thoughtful, catchy but devastating. Iron Rain is carrying the torch of raw, pissed-off hardcore with a direction for its anger that the bands of the '90s hardcore scene put into motion. 7" includes digital download.

Most Precious Blood “Merciless” LP (White Vinyl)
No one means more to New York City than Most Precious Blood and nothing is more important to Most Precious Blood than being from New York City. This band is carrying Gotham City hardcore into the next generation. From their lyrics and music straight down to their stark black and white aesthetics, you know where Most Precious Blood is from and where they stand. Now available on colored vinyl.

Most Precious Blood “Demo” 7 inch (2 Colors in stock + Digi)
Most Precious Blood's original demo released in 2000 has now been committed to vinyl. Pure, raw modern hardcore from Brooklyn, NY. This six song 7" comes with a digital download that includes MPB's cover of Slayer's "Necrophobic", the last song recorded with Tom on vocals "Typical My Heart" and a set of Minor Threat covers recorded live at CBGB's.
7" includes digital download.

Tideland “Asleep in the Graveyard” LP (2 Colors in Stock)
Tideland is a grunge / punk rock three-piece from Sterling, Virginia—the same cauldron of suburban wretchedness that birthed the members’ previous bands Pg.99, Sail and Pizza. Their debut LP Asleep in the Graveyard is a hazy, melodic sonic assault with caustic vocals pouring like poison syrup over eleven songs of grungy / poppy punk. Catchy yet dirty, the album walks a tightrope between digestible and destructive.

Together “The Odyssey” 2 x 7” w/ cd (Limited Import, Color Vinyl)
After their "s/t" debut 7 inch, TOGETHER's somophore release "The Odyssey" is available on a double 7 inch with gatefold cover. A free cd version is also included! This packaging has so much to it might be the nicest looking 7" packing I have ever seen. This release is limited to 500 ever and comes on 2 clear green 7" records. Melodic hardcore for fans of Defeater, Verse & More Than Life.

Don’t forget to check out the latest STATE OF MIND releases
COMPOUND the inaugural demo 7 inch w/ digi (1 sided silk screen vinyl)
SOLDIERS hit the bricks 7 inch w/ digi
REVIVER potential wasteland CD / 7 inch w/ digi
ANCHOR the singles collected LP w/ dig
DEAD HEARTS a death in the family 7 inch w/ digi
DECADES shelter from the swarm 7 inch
DOLARHYDE self titled CD / LP w/ digi
THIS IS HELL this is hell 12 inch (1 sided etched vinyl)

Hit me back if you have any questions and don’t forget FREE STUFF WITH EVERY ORDER.

Please take some time to follow us on face book and twitter so that you can find out news on pre orders, tours, and more first. Also we will be giving away some limited stuff in the near future through twitter and face book.

Stream all our releases or download our 16 song sampler FREE at



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