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selling a few records Empty selling a few records

Post  XDrugFreePrideX on Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:37 am

Berzerk (my first 7") 7ep $4
alpha & omega 7ep on clear $5
capitalist casualties (dope and war) 7ep $4
bridgewater (in one act) 7ep $4
bloodtype 7ep $4
cherem (in god we trust) out of 300 7ep $10
code 13 (they made a wasteland and called it peace)7ep $5
coptic times (temptation) 7ep $5
defiance (against the law) 7ep on pink $5
cracked cop skulls (no tears for the pieces of shit) 7ep rare $15
contradict/three outcasts split 7ep on white $5
dim mak 7ep $5 xvx
disengage (look back) 7ep $4
donnybrook (theres no love for the insincere) 7ep $5
dropdead (hostage) 7ep rare $20
dropdead/look back and laugh split 7ep $3
expire (grim) on clear $5

i will be adding more later

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