Post Mortem - Loxiran, Lebensreform, Linsay

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 Post Mortem - Loxiran, Lebensreform, Linsay Empty Post Mortem - Loxiran, Lebensreform, Linsay

Post  horizons_inc on Sat Sep 22, 2012 3:40 pm

"before the Jahrhundertwende, some of us and our friends played (in) these bands. It's part of us, it made us what we are, still denying the past, ignoring the future! Hardcore"

LEBENSREFORM - discography
LINSAY - Staatsfeind (Completest recordings ever)
LOXIRAN - Loxibang (Discography)

Those threee mentioned bands settled in Hamburg, Germany in the midst to end 1990s.
Loxiran became famous for their political lyrics and kinda PCish Post-E.C.-Mosh, their follow-up Chispa toured the US in 2000.
Lebensreform, well that was the band I sung in - we were kinda abit more chaotic and had some rather "strange" optics that stem from the early 1900s to Fascist Germany. More like the elder statesman of that so-called German "Northcore"scene - records did sell pretty well, and I guess having an (original) blood-X on the cover of the first 7" helped the craze.Did a tour with CATHARSIS & GEHENNA in Europe shortly before breakup...
Linsay were more like the emo-screamo-boys of the clique. They released on various labels and did various splits, i.e. with STICKFIGURECAROUSEL on DIM MAK. One of the guys, Lars, did DIM MAK Europe for awhile, and did go along the way as Steve Aoki - well at least settled in Electronic music.
He is now doing Audiolith Recordings - and they just released all three bands individual Discography through Digital retailers, i.e. iTunes, Amazon and alike.
Release date was 7th of September.


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