FS: hardcore & punk 7"s/LPs/demos/CDs

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FS: hardcore & punk 7"s/LPs/demos/CDs Empty FS: hardcore & punk 7"s/LPs/demos/CDs

Post  xjustinx on Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:42 pm

I pulled out some random doubles that I had sitting around. I'm not interested in setting prices, and I'm not looking for crazy money out of most of this. Please make an offer via PM or email [sitner.justin at gmail] and we'll go from there.

Canon - The Solution (Chapter Records)
Cherem - In God We Trust (black vinyl 35/300)
Eyelid - Bleeding Through (green /300, Phyte Records)
Falling Down [Day Of Suffering] - Life Before Machine (Even The Score Records)
Haymaker - Love The Music, Hate The Kids (Deranged Records, distro deadstock)
Integrity - Septic Death (clear /100, mid 90s boot, distro deadstock)
Misery Index / Bathtub Shitter (Emetic Records, never played)
Monster X - To The Positive Youth (grey marble /200, Gloom Records)
Pray Silent - The Golden Flag (clear blue, Genet Records)
Redemption - s/t (Surrounded Records)
Second Coming - Wake (Crust Records)
Supersleuth - The Hate Divides (Underestimated Records)
Sworn Vengeance - The Blood & The Chaos (Back Ta Basics, never played)
Tears Of Gaia / Statement / Extinguish (New Eden Records)

Anchor - The Quiet Dance (Refuse Records)
Angry Samoans - Yesterday Started Tomorrow (PVC Records)

Demo tapes
The Kidnappers - Fourteen Family Time Anthems (mid 90s Portland hardcore punk)
The Kidnappers - The Family Is Alive Inside Me
National Guard - Green Berets: War Heroes, Hard Asses (mid 90s Portland hardcore punk)
One Last Thing - s/t (late 90s Portland hardcore/emo)
Pointillist - Tape 2 11/1997 ("dreamy" instrumentals from two members of Garrison)
Pointillist - Tape 3 04/1999

Disembodied - Heretic (Edison Recordings)
Undertow - Control (Overkill Records)

FS: hardcore & punk 7"s/LPs/demos/CDs QeGNm

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