not everyone feels the same...

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not everyone feels the same...

Post  joeyPig on Sat May 03, 2014 9:13 pm

but you guy's should write more about what you're posting.. opinion wise. i mean you started this blog because of a love for the music, the bands and the era right? well you would never be able to tell by reading the six or seven words you write in every post. write what you feel about what you're posting. not everyone comes here for the downloads.. don't worry about what someone could potentially think. i get it.. it's not cool to show emotion. cross your arms in the typical defensive stance after every post.. i'm hard! anyway.. i like reading about how music affects people it's the only true magic! and i'm sure i'm not alone in this so think about it the next time you're about to click "publish" and don't use the excuse.. "oh you know, life, it's just so busy the six or seven words is all i have time for" because we all know it's BS. otherwise.. why bother.

i'm an old dude and have been through every single genre so i know how awesome it was living through it and i just want to here how that one amazing moment when some random person who's never heard a particular genre or band, that amazing moment when he or she finds that song that makes the universe.. one. when it all clicks and they realize.. yes, this is what i have been looking for my entire life!

don't be that blog in an ocean of blogs that just post downloads. obviously i still like coming here but i have to admit the only reason i do is for the rare Disembodied post, maybe something i don't already know, and for the instagram so it's becoming less and less.

and as always.. Disembodied, Please remaster and reissue your back catalog of releases!!! i don't know why i'm alone in this campaign or actually "Quest" or maybe obsession! whichever it is it desperately needs to happen so everyone needs to chime in and help make the band realize more people than just me want it to.

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